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When she’s not daydreaming about it being Halloween every day, Vanessa can be found scouring bookstore shelves, introducing herself to every dog or channeling her punk rock aesthetic listening to the anthems of her favorite band Green Day.

Accepting the fact that her Hogwarts letter was misplaced, Vanessa pursued a degree in English after trying a few other avenues. After a time working in internal communications for a larger organization - and even briefly pouring glasses of wine for a living - she decided it was time to follow her true passion - editing and writing. The

thrill of discovering a misspelling or forgotten comma, as well as concocting compelling narratives, is truly what makes her vampire heart - I mean she works in the dark, has a fondness for deeper hues and also wishes she could sometimes burst into a flurry of

bats when things get awkward - beat (again). In addition, Vanessa works with freelance writers, assigning stories, connecting clients for interviews and making sure we have all the pieces and that everything is on track. All in all, she strives to be a good human, ensuring everyone has a voice and is heard.

What Vanessa cherishes most is spending time with family and friends. She especially

loves trying craft brews and engaging in witty banter with her college sweetheart and

husband Matt, reading to her curious, blue-eyed one-year-old son Holden and exploring

the Sioux Falls area accompanied by her eight-year-old beagle Molly.

““My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being 'normal' is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.””

- alice hoffman, practical magic


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