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Cory comes with 11+ years of advertising/marketing experience in the Sioux Falls area. We don't know why, but people seem to like him. He likes to talk about his professional football days, and multiple hall of fames, we kind of stop listening.

We asked him to identify some of his work he does, and he said, "that is confidential, and I don't want to discuss how my clients ads show up on your cell phones magically after you have been visiting one of their competitors or researching a specific topic, poof an ad shows up....thats what I do" and then he went back to his office. 

When he is not working with our clients on their digital solutions he is on the sideline coaching (yelling) at his players, as he is a former player and now coach for the Sioux Falls Storm. 


When he is at home he enjoys the day to day chaos of being a husband to his Wife Nikki, parenting his 7 year old daughter Marley, and 4 year old son Baker. They have two dogs, an English Bulldog named Boomer, and a Yorkie named Stella. 

“Don't Listen to these people Ricky, you're a winner, you got the gift, always remember, if you ain't first, you're last.”

- Reece Bobby


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